Do not need it!

Rubber bands in the dreads we have seen many times. But you don’t need them to make dreadlocks.

What are those rubber bands in the dreads for?

In the past, sometimes, for the division of the strands of hair we used rubber bands. However, we then removed these before going over them with the crochet hook. If you leave “Gümmeli” in your dreadlocks, they will dissolve over time and blend in with your hair. You can then hardly get them out. You don’t need “Gümmelis”, you can do everything with the “Crochet”.

Remove the rubber bands from the dreads

If you already have rubber bands in your dreadlocks you should remove them as soon as possible. The “Gümmeli” eat into the dreadlocks and destroy many hairs. Thus, these rubber bands are not only useless but even harmful for your dreadlocks.

How do we make new dreadlocks without rubber bands 😉

Check out the following page to learn more about our technology.

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