Lice, Help!!! Do I have to cut off my dreads?

First of all, don’t panic!

You get the lice back out of your dreadlocks without having to cut off your beloved dreadlocks.

I myself have been in places where there are quite nasty parasites, for example a fly in the rainforest which lays its eggs on sweaty clothes. Then a small larva hatches which bores into the flesh and lives there until it pupates. But my first parasite, I picked up in clean Switzerland: Lice!

Dreadlocks Artesanal

Do not panic! All hair gets lice

Of course, the first panic was great, because of course I did not want to correspond to the stereotype of the “dirty dreadlock wearer”. However, at the pharmacy, they informed me that ALL people can get lice and that it has nothing to do with hair.

The biology of dreadlocks lice

Before I talk about treatment, I would first like to get rid of some information about the louse: the head louse lives only on human heads. Infection from pets is therefore ruled out. The head louse likes a warm and humid environment. She needs fresh blood again every few hours. A head louse that falls off the head dries out pretty quickly or soon starves to death. Therefore, it is also not necessary that you change your bed linen. Manufacturers of anti-lice drugs, of course, say otherwise.

Head lice live about a centimeter from the scalp, preferably by the nape of the neck and behind the ears. Therefore, you will hardly find lice on the tips of your dreadlocks, because there they would go to ruin. The female lice lay about 3-5 eggs (nits) per day, from which a new louse hatches after a week. If you find nits that are further than 1 cm from your scalp, it is an empty one.

Transmission of lice occurs ONLY through direct hair to hair contact(scuffling, hugging, making love etc). However, picking at someone’s hair can also result in transmission, such as when a louse gets under your fingernail. Lice are actually NOT transmitted through objects such as pillows. The lice actually don’t want to leave their native head either.

Marc-Jacques’ Hard Core Chemical Anti-Lice Program

Usually the louse treatment includes combing out the nits. But since this is not possible with dreadlock carriers, you have to try a little harder! Apply louse remedy once is not enough, let’s say that much!

I went to the pharmacy and bought 3 different remedies:

  • Hedrin: Is an oily solution that clogs the trachea (airways) of the lice.
  • Prioderm contains pesticide.
  • And another one I don’t remember.

Every other day for 2 weeks: then you will get rid of the lice

I used these means in a 2-3 day rhythm, this for 2.5 weeks. This was necessary because I could not comb out the nits and therefore had to apply the agents until the last louse hatched and died. It took time and also cost money, but I was then rid of the lice! But only for a short time, because a person close to me then infected me again. Therefore, I had to start the program again, but this time together!

So if you live with people who also have lice, then it is important to solve the problem at the same time, otherwise you will not get rid of the beasts.

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