Tighten Roots – The best method for beautiful approaches

How to make my approaches really beautiful?

With Tighten Roots you can make your roots “felt” without crocheting. That sounds great. But the important thing is that it is done at regular intervals. If you miss the regular maintenance too often, your roots will grow out too far to be efficient with this method.

How does Tighten Roots work?

You take the dread about an inch above the base, hold it between your fingers and press it lightly against the scalp. Find the center of the dread and start circling the dread with light pressure. Sounds quite simple at first.

Do this until you notice that the dreadlock becomes compact. You need a little patience and unfortunately you will see the result only a few months later. You’re working on the new piece of felt first. Only after a few months you can clearly see the difference.

The difficult part is the regularity. I do this every 3 months. So my roots never wake up more than two finger widths from the scalp out.

Tighten Roots Advantages

This method is especially recommended for thin dreadlocks. Because this method will give you more volume and your dreads will be thicker than if you just crochet them normally.

What happens if I don’t do Tighten Roots for too long?

If the roots have already grown out more than 5cm, it will be difficult with this method. That’s when I would reach for the crochet hook to get the base back under control. Since dreadlocks with Tighten Roots tend to get thicker, they may get thinner again when you stop doing it. That’s why you should only start doing this if you’re sure you’re going to keep it up for years.

Tighten Roots is therefore recommended for advanced users. However, the effort will be worth it!

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