Top Head Dreads

Dreads only on the top of the head

Do you think dreadlocks are cool and are you toying with the idea of getting dreads? But you don’t want a whole head full of dreadlocks?

Then high top dreads are probably an option that would suit you.

Dreadlocks Artesanal
Dreadlocks Artesanal
Dreadlocks Artesanal
Dreadlocks Artesanal
Dreadlocks Artesanal
Dreadlocks Artesanal

What are High Top Dreads?

In recent years, the high top dreads have become increasingly popular and is also increasingly in demand.

Top head dreads is a dreadlock hairstyle in which the dreadlocks are worn only on the top of the head. The hair is cut short on the rest of the head (side and/or undercut). This dreadlocks hairstyle is desired not only by men, also occurs again and again in women.

Dreadlocks Artesanal
Dreadlocks Artesanal
Top heads dreadlocks are desired more and more often

Wearing your dreadlocks like this is modern and looks sleek, which at best will also please your boss.

The size of the area on the top of the head, which is dreaded, is individual. The surface can be pulled down to the hairline. This is called a mohawk, Mohawk or Mohawk cut.

Whole head or top head dreadlocks? This is a stylistic question

Less dreadlocks, less effort

With top head dreadlocks, you will have less dreadlocks on your head. Now this may be an advantage or disadvantage, depending on your perspective. Anyway, it’s less crochet if you have less dreadlocks. This is certainly advantageous.

However, since a large portion of your hair is cut short, you’ll need to visit a hairdresser or otherwise take care of it more often to keep it short.

It is certainly also advantageous that Top Head Dreads dry faster. Because it’s usually the dreadlocks at the back of the head that take the longest to dry.

Dreadlocks Artesanal
Dreadlocks Artesanal
One (s) need hair on the top of the head

It should also be noted here that there are people, often males, who genetically do not have as much hair on the top of the head, or it becomes less over time. In this case, you can still make top head dreads, but of course it is not ideal. I (male) can say this from my own experience, since I don’t have that much hair on the top of my head anymore, I just have partial back heads dreadlocks.

Top head dreadlocks are probably more accepted in society

Even if it is actually sad, but there are still dreadlock wearers:inside, which have problems at work, if they make themselves dreadlocks. I imagine it’s a bit more socially acceptable to have dreadlocks only on the top of your head. But actually, you shouldn’t be too firmly influenced by society’s opinion of what you do with your hair.

Whether it has more advantages or disadvantages is difficult to say. In the end, this is very subjective.

The question of whether to make top head or whole head dreadies is more about stylistic aspects. Which do you like better?

If you have long hair now and aren’t sure you want to do top head dreadlocks, be aware that it takes a while to grow back a sidecut and undercut. Not that you’ll regret it afterwards.

If you only have long hair on top anyway, then high top dreadlocks might be just the thing for you.

The care of the high top dreads

When it comes to caring for top head dreads, there really isn’t much difference as when you have a whole head full of dreadlocks. You first start with baby dreadlocks, which often also stick out a little in all directions. Over time, they then form into adult dreadlocks.

Beautiful dreadlocks like the “Crochet”

In the beginning, you should crochet the baby dreadlocks several times through from the base to the tip. We call this the education stitch and you can start pretty soon after you create it. Then, when the high top dreads are in adulthood, crocheting them every 3 months, every 6 months or even less frequently is enough. Then it is mainly about the roots and loose hair. Adult dreads you no longer need to crochet the whole length.

When it comes to washing, it doesn’t really differ. Again, beautiful dreads don’t like to have water, but they do like to have crochet.

Dreadlocks Artesanal

If you want to know more, read our blog entry about washing.

We will not let you down

We will be happy to support you on your dreadlocks journey. On the one hand, we’ll give you tips on how to dangle your dreadies. On the other hand, if you can’t find the time to dangle your dreadlocks yourself, we’ll be very happy to welcome you back.

Dreadlocks Care

Approximately how many dreadlocks are there?

The question of how many dreads there are at Top Head Dreads depends on several factors: so it depends on how thin, respectively how thick you want them. If you want thinner dreads, there are a larger number.

Dreadlocks Artesanal
Your cut

Of course, it’s also a question of how thick your hair is. With denser hair, there are more dreadies. Likewise, the “cut” line determines how large the area is that we can twist. For some, the high top dreads still pull down a bit into the back of the head, for others there are really only dreadies directly on the top of the head.

Dreadlocks Artesanal
The average

You see, it’s very different. To give you an idea, most customers are between 25 and 50 high top dreads. It can also be more or less.

The larger the area that becomes deadlocks, the more dreadies!

Attention when cutting side-cut

So, you now have your great top head dreads! Of course, the hair on the sides and back of the head must be cut again and again, so that the look is fully appreciated. Some customers go to the hairdresser for this, ask someone from their circle of acquaintances or family, or cut it themselves. And of course, you want the cut to look clean and you cut the hair down to the dreadlocks so that there is a clean line.

And so it goes over the months and over the years and eventually, poof, a dreadlock falls off.

Do not cut into the dreadlock

Therefore, be careful when cutting! Unfortunately, if you make the cut line too close to your dreadlocks, you often cut yourself a little. Often you don’t even notice it yourself. But over time, certain dreadlocks, which are on the periphery (interface), become thinner and thinner at the base and threaten to fall off.

Unfortunately, by then it is already a little too late. At most, you can still fuse the thinning dreadlock with another dready to spare it from falling out.

Perfect is the enemy of good

Therefore, we recommend that you instruct your hair clipper in detail. It does not have to be cut too perfectly to the dreadlocks! It’s better to leave a small “buffer zone” so your dreadlocks don’t fall victim to the razor over time.

PS: No we do not cut hair, we can not do better.

Good to know. Important questions about High Top Dreads

Should I cut my sidecut and undercut before the appointment?

No, please don’t go cut your hair until after your appointment at Dreadlocks Artesanal. The reason is this: it is important to us that the dreadlocks are well divided. If you cut your hair ahead of time, then that limits us when it comes to scheduling. That’s why it’s better if you don’t cut until after.

If you’ve already cut your hair, that’s not a problem at all. We can still make a nice division.

Can I cut the dreadlocks shorter?

If you want to keep the dreads rather short in the future, of course it works. You can shorten them well and we will be happy to show you how.

I would like to have high top dreadlocks like the African American trapper Lil X

We can do that for you. But be aware that if you want dreadlocks like your favorite artist, you have to have that hair type too. If you don’t have afro hair, still get cool dreadlocks, just in the style of the nature of your hair.

How much do high top dreadlocks cost?

The price depends on the effort and varies depending on the client and customer.


Do you have any questions?

We will be happy to answer your questions and meet your needs. Contact us and we will look at all topics about dreadlocks, prices and dates together an.

We look forward to seeing you!