Other Techniques

Root care Tighten Roots

Tighten Roots is the best method to get dense roots. If you keep adapting this method to your growing roots, you will get nice and constantly thick dreads over time:

You hold the dread between your fingers, about a centimeter above the root, and slightly press it against your scalp. Find the middle part of the dread and, with slight pressure, start turning the dread. Look for the dread’s normal turning direction. Every dread has its own turning direction and it is very important that you always keep turning in the same direction as otherwise little knobs may form. After approximately 30 turns, you will realize how the root part becomes more compact and harder.

This method is especially useful for thin dreads. It however requires a certain amount of perseverance and it is important to apply this method regularly. In case more than 3 months have passed, it may become more difficult to get the outgrown dread back under control. It is very easy to see, when your roots were often treated with Tighten Roots in the beginning but then suffered from months of neglect.

Tighten Roots is therefore more suitable for the more advanced people; however, the price is well worth the effort! ;D

Pull through

Using your finger to “poke a hole“close to the root of the dread in order to pull the dread tip through this hole is another possible method.

Never use the same hole twice, as otherwise the dread may split or ugly knobs may form!

This method always leaves some kind of pattern on your dread. It is the fastest and most efficient method, however, not everyone likes it.

It is, for example, not suitable for thin dreads, as they tend to get even thinner with age and may also become brittle.

Just pulling the tips through is not a valid form of repair, crocheting is mandatory!