Dreadlocks Waschen & Hygiene

There are many different opinions when it comes to regularity of washing your dreadlocks. There are dread heads, who wash them every 3. day, weekly, monthly, or just annually. The best way is to rely on your gut feeling and to remember the guideline “oily hair does not become matted!”. Your scalp will adjust to the new rhythm and become less oily. In case your dreadlocks are already tightly matted, salt water combined with sunshine can expedite the matting process.

Shampooing your dreadlocks: Every dread head does it slightly different

When your dreadlocks are still very young, we recommend washing them with curd soap as it is natural and cheap and it will permanently dry out your dreads – this in turn benefits the matting process. But there are also dread heads who don’t like curd soap as they believe it leaves residuals behind. Also remember: find out for yourself, what will be best for your scalp.

Expensive dread shampoos can be used, but don’t need to be used

We recommend using a shampoo with natural ingredients and without silicones or palm oil. A lot of dread heads approve the brands Weleda and Big by Lush. We also didn’t have any better experiences with special dread shampoos and most of the time these shampoos are also overpriced.