You have a Say when it comes to Price

When it comes to price, our philosophy is that we take your economic circumstances into account. So we don’t have fixed prices. It is clear to us that some people earn more than others. So it’s okay that those who have less money pay a little less.

It is quite a challenge, to estimate how much work a given project takes. Hence, before the appointment, we propose a price range which we set rather high in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. In case the project is less work and we finish fast, then we lower the price range of course.


Dreadlock Repair & maintenance

For more extensive repairs, we have an hourly rate, which depends on your financial situation. For the first hour it is 100.-. Any further hour would be something between 70 – 90 francs per hour. You can choose the hourly rate.


Price and Cost of New Dreadlocks

Factors that influence the price:

  • length of your hair
  • hair density
  • size of the dreadlocks
  • number of dreadlocks
  • knottiness of your hair (you can influence that)


It is always challenging to estimate the effective work for a dread head. If you want new dreads, we will discuss the amount of time spent working on your dreads and payment in advance. The price depends on the length and density of your hair, the size of your head, and your financial situation.

Entire Head

To dread an entire head requires patience and is a lot of work. We estimate the price of about 650 – 1000 CHF. Only a few people have very long and/or very dense hair. In this case, it may be also more.

It is worth trusting experts to do new dreadlocks in order for your dreadlocks to have a good start in their (hopefully) long life.


Back of the head

In case you wish only dreadlocks on the back of your head, the price range lies between 300 and 800 CHF. It depends on what somebody understands with “back of the head”. In other words, the bigger the area on the back of the head that should become dreadlocks, the higher the price.

Best ist, if you send us some images on which we recognize what area you would like to have dreaded. So we have a better idea of your vision and we can define a more precise price range.


Top of Head (Side and Undercut)

If you cut the sides and the back of your head and you wish to have dreads with the remaining hair, we talk about “Top Head Dreads”. Depending on how much is cut, the price ranges from 300 – 500 CHF. If you have only a little area cut and really a lot of hair and you want very thing dreads, it can be also a little more. In case you do have short hair and not such a big area that should be dreaded, it can also be less.


Single Rows and Single Dreadlocks

Some single dreads are done fast. What takes often a lot of time is the consultation and the definition of the dreads. Roughly you can count with 15 to 35 CHF per dreadlock. This depends also how long your hair is.

Further factors is, how many dreadlocks you want and how they are distributed on your head. For example, if you like to have 5 adjacent dreads, this is done faster, than if they are spread over your head.


Extra Thin Dreads

In case you want extra thin dreadlocks, let us know beforehand since this is much more work.



Installment Payments are possible

If you are not quite solvent at the moment, we can agree on installment payment. We have had good experiences in this respect.



Call us for our Dreadlocks-Servie

It is always tricky to estimate the work amount for Dreadlocks. The best is, if you call us or if you send us a message. With a couple of pictures of your hair, we will be able to determine the price range a little bit more narrowly.