Prices and costs for dreadlocks

Kosten und Preise für Dreadlocks

Du bestimmst den Preis mit

When it comes to price, our philosophy is that we take your economic circumstances into account. So we don’t have fixed prices. We are aware that some people earn more than others. So it’s okay for those who have less money to pay a little less.

It is relatively difficult to estimate the exact cost in advance. We therefore suggest a price range in advance, which we tend to set high so that there are no unpleasant surprises. If the project is then completed faster than expected, we will of course adjust the price range downwards.


Kosten für Dreadlocks Reparatur

We have an hourly rate for repairs and individual dreadies, which in turn depends on your financial situation. We charge 100 francs for the first hour, for each additional hour we have an hourly rate between 70 and 90 francs per hour, which you choose.

Dreadlocks Artesanal

Preise für neue Dreadlocks

Factors that influence the effort / price:
  • Length of hair
  • Hair density
  • Thickness of the dreadlocks
  • Number of dreadlocks
  • Felting properties of the hair (you can influence this)
Ganzer Kopf

“Twisting” a whole head is quite a lot of work and requires a lot of patience. For a new head, we expect to pay around 700 to 1100 francs. There are very few customers with extremely long or extremely thick hair. In such cases, the price can also be a little higher.

However, it’s worth having new dreadlocks done by specialists to give your dreadlocks a good start to their hopefully long life.

Hinterkopf (a.k.a. partial Dreads / Backhead Dreads)

If you only want the back of the head, then the price range is between 300 and 800 francs . This also depends on what you mean by “back of the head”. In other words, this means that there are more or fewer dreadlocks depending on the area at the back of the head that is to be dreaded.

It’s best if you send us a few pictures so we can see how much of the back of your head you would like to turn into dreadlocks. This allows us to narrow down the price range.

Top Head Dreadlocks

Top-head dreads means that you only make dreadlocks on the top of your head. Depending on how much is cut on the side and back, you should expect to pay between 300 and 500 francs. For very thick hair and very thin dreadlocks, it can also be a little more. However, the price can also be lower if there are only a few hairs.

Einzelne Reihen & Single Dreads

Individual dreadlocks are made quickly. What often takes time, however, is the consultation and scheduling. You can expect to pay between 15 and 35 francs per dread. This also depends on how long your hair is.

Other factors are how many dreads you want and how they are distributed. For example, if you want a row of five dreadlocks next to each other, this is faster than if you want five dreadlocks spread over your head.

To summarize: The price range is very wide. It’s best if you tell us exactly what you want so that we can narrow down the price range.

Dünne Dreadlocks

If you want extra thin dreads, we also need to know this in advance, as the effort is considerably greater!

Ratenzahlungen sind möglich

If you are not solvent at the moment, we can agree on an installment payment. We have had good experiences in this regard.

Kontaktiere und für weitere Infos

Ruf uns an, wenn du neue Dreadlocks möchtest.

It is always very difficult to estimate the effective work for a Dread-Head. The best thing to do is to give us a call or send us a message. A few photos of your hair will help us to realistically determine the price range in advance.