You have a Say when it comes to Price

When it comes to price, our philosophy is that we take your economic circumstances into account. So we don’t have fixed prices. It is clear to us that some people earn more than others. So it’s okay that those who have less money pay a little less.

We, the team of Dreadlocks-Artesanal, all still have a profession. For us, dreadlocks are a sideline to which we devote our spare time. Therefore, we have some idea about what our service and our time are worth.


Price and Cost of New Dreadlocks

It is always challenging to estimate the effective work for a dread head. If you want new dreads, we will discuss the amount of time spent working on your dreads and payment in advance. The price depends on the length and density of your hair, the size of your head and your financial situation.


Entire Head

Our idea of a fair sum for a whole head of new dreadlocks is in the price range of about 500 – 900 CHF. In rare cases it can also be more.


Top of Head (Side and Undercut)

Depending on how much is cut, the price ranges from 250 – 500 CHF.

If you want extra thin dreads, we also need to know this beforehand, because the effort is considerably higher!


Price and Costs for a Dreadlock Repair

If you want a brief repair or just a few dreadies, we leave it up to you how much it’s worth to you.

For more extensive repairs, we have an hourly rate, which depends on your financial situation. For the first hour it is 100.-. Any further hour would be something between 60 – 80 francs per hour.

Instalment Payments are possible

If you are not quite solvent at the moment, we can agree on an instalment payment. We have had good experiences in this respect.