Dreadlocks for children

Dreadlocks for kids? These are the 7 questions you should ask yourself.

We are often asked if we also make dreadlocks for children. Sure the little ones look cute with dreadlocks! And maybe you can well imagine your daughter or son getting dreadies too. It is worth considering the following.

Dreadlocks Artesanal
However, dreadlocks are not so easy for children.

Dreadlocks Artesanal

This brave boy wanted dreadlocks.

Our experience is that the dreadlocks process is not always so simple. On the one hand, the procedure is more painful for children than for adult dread-heads.

Children’s dreadlocks should also be groomed more often. For hippies, a bird’s nest still looks okay. Children’s unkempt dreadlocks are more likely to be looked at and judged. After all, you don’t want to be labeled as a raven parent.

As a parent, be sure to ask yourself these 7 questions first:

  1. Is it the child who wants the dreadlocks or rather the parents?
  2. Is my child old enough to crochet the dreadlocks themselves?
  3. Do I have the capacity to help my child crochet?
  4. Or do I have the financial means to pay someone to re-crochet?
  5. Is your child very sensitive to pain?
  6. Is your child mature enough?
  7. Can your child sit still for several hours at a time?
Watch the video about it.
What to communicate to your child if they want dreadlocks:

Making and repairing dreads always involves pain. You should make your child very aware of this, children are much more sensitive than adults in most cases.

Aith new dreads comes the ability to sit still for several hours. The care of the dreads is also a little more intense than usual in the first six months.

The advantage of dreads is, especially loved by the kids; you have to wash them much less often and they still look good!

Have you thought it through?

We are happy to advise you!