Back Head Dreads

Partial Dreadlocks: Back Head Dreads

Dreadlocks am Hinterkopf: «Business in the front, Party in the Back»

You have long hair and would like to make dreadlocks, but not the whole head? Partial dreadlocks or back head dreads on the back of your head is a very nice hairstyle in which you can go on your dreadlocks journey: in the front you keep your look, in the back you have the dreadies.

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Back Head Dreads: Dreadlocks only on back of head

More and more often people from all walks of life want to decorate themselves with dreadlocks. Not all, on the other hand, do not want the “full commitment”. Not everyone wants full-head dreads, but only part of them. This is called partial dreadlocks. And if these dreads are at the back of the head, then they are partial back head dreads. It is a step between the whole head and a few individual dreadlocks.

So, let’s get the back of your head twisted. This can be a few rows of dreadlocks, half the back of the head or the whole back of the head. How many rows of dreadlocks, or how big the area full of dreadlocks will eventually be, you can decide yourself.

We make the division in each case so that you can easily add more dreadlocks rows if you wish at a later time.

We always have customers who have a few rows made. Then they come back and do a few more rows, and a few more rows. And one day they have a whole head full of dreadlocks. This does not have to happen, but it can.

Although this dreadlocks hairstyle is often requested by women, it also appeals to men or however you feel you belong.

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Back Head Dreads machen wir immer häufiger

Back head dreads have arrived in our society. You don’t have to be hippy or reggae, (although that works too). There are a wide variety of people who choose to make dreadlocks at the back of their heads.

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Sometimes present, sometimes hidden

The style is convincing, because from the front you almost do not see the dreadlocks, if you have the top hair open. This can be an advantage for certain people, when you have to look a little “decent” for grandma or the boss or the parents’ evening, occasionally.


But as soon as you tie the top hair together, then the dreadlocks come out and show up nicely.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this dreadlock hairstyle?

Less dreadlocks, less effort

Generally speaking, less dreadlocks means less effort. This can be seen as an advantage, depending on your perspective of course.

A disadvantage may be that the normal hair is jealous (we write about this below) or also that the dreadlocks may suffer from the washing regime of the normal hair (below).

In conclusion, we would say that with back head dreads, it’s not about whether it brings more advantages or disadvantages, but rather it’s about what you find that suits you better.

«Catalan-Style» in case you don’t have that much hair on the top of your head anymore.

Some people are not blessed with full hair growth on the top of the head. So I used to have a whole head full of dreadies. Unfortunately, my hair has thinned. Now I also have dreadlocks only on the back of my head. Short hair in the front, dreads on the back of the head, I call “Catalan style”. Why? I don’t know, but I saw it a lot in Barcelona.

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How much area should be enchanted into dreads?

Whether it should be two to three rows, half or the whole back of your head, that’s up to you. Generally speaking, you can always make more dreadlocks. It is easier to add more dreads than to take some away. We will be happy to advise you on this.

“Sneaky strategy”: if your grandparents or superiors don’t enjoy dreadlocks, just add a few rows of dreadlocks every few months. Eventually you’ll have the dreadlocks without anyone noticing.

Joking aside. We will be happy to advise you about how much area it should be. We can also just do row after row, and you can tell us when it’s enough.

The care of partial dreads

Taking care of back head dreadlocks is actually not that much different than having a whole head full of dreadlocks. First, get baby dreadlocks. These are then still a little scurry, rough and sometimes still stand out a little. But with back head dreads, it’s not as much of a problem because the top hair often pushes them down.

With the Crochet to beautiful dreadies

The baby dreadlocks should be well educated in the beginning. We call this the education stitch. You can start doing this soon after the creation. The Crochet is the tool of our choice, which efficiently delivers good results.

In the initial phase, you scallop the dreadies from the base to the tip. After a few months, the dreadlocks reach adulthood. After that, we focus on the approaches in the care.

Dreadlocks Artesanal
«I always have so many knots»

When customers report that their hair has knots so quickly, we are always very happy. Knotty hair screams to become dreadlocks. Glad you’re listening to your hair. Jokingly, we call the knots in your hair “embryo dreads,” meaning dreadlocks in the making.

The comb that people use to fight the knots can also be considered an “anti-dreadlocks tool”. Glad you want to swap the comb for the Crochet.

How do you treat your hair before the appointment?

Customers who want top head dreads or the whole head, we advise to wash the hair with curd soap. This will make your hair really nice and rough and tomentose. And it is much easier to create the dreadies.

Nevertheless, we have many customers who have beautiful long hair and simply want a few rows of dreadlocks. We understand you might not treat all hair with curd soap.

If you don’t want to prepare your hair with curd soap, then we simply ask you, as soon as you have the appointment with us, not to wash with conditioner shampoo (or preferably not to wash with shampoo at all). Glossy, silky hair is very difficult to tangle.

This also brings us to the next topic

Washing your new Back Head Dreads

In general, we advise clients who have top head or full head to stop washing their dreadlocks with (conditioner) shampoo.

However, it goes without saying that if you have lots of nice, long hair and a few rows of dreadlocks that you will still want to wash/care for your hair occasionally. In the end, it’s up to you how and how often you want to wash your hair.

This is also about finding the balance. But if you wash the hair frequently with shampoo, then you have to take care of your dreadies mechanically with the Crochet. Then it’s not such a problem and you can have nice shiny hair and nice regular dreadlocks at the same time.

Dreadlocks Artesanal

Still, again, beautiful dreadies don’t like to have water, beautiful dreadies like to have Crochet-work.

Approximately how many dreadlocks are there?

As so often, we can not answer this question so simply. There are several factors that influence the number of dreadlocks:

  • Your hair density (how many hairs per cm²)
  • The desired thickness of the dreadlocks (thin dreads = more dreads).
  • Size of your head
  • The area to be matted
The larger the area which becomes deadlocks, the more dreadies!

And clearly, the more area of the back of your head you want matted, the more dreadlocks there are. The thinner they are, the greater the number.

There is often something between 20 and 50 dreadlocks (more or less).

We personally find rather thinner dreads great. We have a certain pride that our customer:s tend to get a lot of dreadlocks from us. But just in case you want more medium thickness dreads, then we can happily fulfill that for you. Again, it’s a style issue and we’re happy to accommodate your needs.

Attention: the “normal” hair may be jealous!

It is in the nature of hair that they want to become dreadlocks. Therefore, your normal hair may be. This makes it all the more important for you to make sure that your normal hair doesn’t felt into the base of your dreadlocks.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t happen from one day to the next. If you notice that the hairs are growing together, you can just pull them away a little. The sooner you notice it, the easier it goes.

Good to know: Important questions about Back Head Dreads

You can decorate your dreadlocks with jewelry and threads. We also have a pair of ornaments and beads at home. Our dread beads are simply threaded on. If you want to remove them again, you can simply pull them out.

If you want your hair decorated with threads, then we would refer you to a specialist.

Tips: open or closed?

We will ask you at the beginning of the appointment if you want the tips open or closed. We often leave the dreadlock tips open on partial dreadlocks. Then the dreadies are a little longer. But they just grow less quickly.

Are the dreads then shorter than the normal hair?

Well-made dreadlocks lose about a third to half of their original length at the beginning. This is normal and is part of the process.

It is important that you emotionally detach yourself from the length of your hair, which will become dreadlocks. Something new is coming now.

Still, dreadlocks tend to grow a bit slower in the initial stages, but when they reach adulthood, they gain length even faster than normal hair.

How much do Back Head Partial dreadlocks cost?

The price depends on the effort and varies depending on the client and customer. Best read
about our prices.

Questions? We will be happy to answer them. Contact us without obligation.

We will be happy to answer your questions and meet your needs. Contact us and we will look at all topics about dreadlocks, prices and dates together an.

We look forward to seeing you!