Most likely you are asking yourself, how long it will take to get new dreadlocks. The time it takes to get dreadlocks depends on several factors: length, density and thickness of your hair, size of your head, and number of resulting dreadlocks.

You can use our dread-calculator, to get yourself ready for the amount of time our dreadlock service will take.

Calculate the dreadlock duration with the calculator

Your average hair length (in cm):


Approximate duration:

Your hair is    cm long. One dreadlock takes approximately     minutes. Your dreadlocks will be approximately   cm long.

Number of Dreads Time
30   hours
40   hours
50   hours
60   hours
70   hours
80   hours
90   hours

Please keep in mind that these are just ballpark figures (plus – minus 25%).

If you wish to get thin dreadlocks, we calculate between 70 to 90 Dreadlocks, while medium-sized dreadlocks are between 45 and 65 Dreadlocks.

In the end, the number of dreadlocks mainly depends on the density of the hair, the size of the head, and the thickness of the dreadlocks.

For top head dreads, we calculate between 20 and 50 dreadlocks, dreadlocks only in the back of the head between 20 and 70.

The stated amount of time refers to one “crocheting“ person. I.e. when we work as a pair we only need about half of that time. More information about new dreadlocks, root care, or repairs can be found here.

We are sorry, your hair is too short right now. Your hair should be at least 20 cm long. But your hair is just     cm long.

We haven’t seen anyone with such long hair so far. Therefore, our calculations aren’t accurate anymore. In case you are interested in a time estimate, please contact us directly.

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