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Please send us two to three photos of your hair. This will help us a lot in estimating.

New Dreadlocks

  • How long is your hair? (Please measure your hair with a ruler from the root to the tip).
  • Is your hair longer than 15 cm?
  • Do you have thick or fine hair?
  • Is your hair light or thick?
  • Do you have any special ideas about how your dreadlocks should be?

  • How many dreadlocks do you have?
  • What is the history of your dreadlocks? (Who made them? How many times did you get them done?)
  • What kind of service do you want?
  • Is there anything we should know? For example, hair loss in men.

  • You are welcome to bring other people..
  • No, we do not do extensions with plastic dreads or purchased hair.
  • We make house calls only in exceptional cases.
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How expensive are new dreads or repairs?

We take your financial situation into consideration. Here you can find out more about the costs of our service.

Cost of dreadlocks
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