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Whether you are looking for repair, new dreads, or a consultation, we can help you. We are there for you in Zurich, Weinfelden, and Basel Switzerland.

The easiest way to schedule an appointment is by calling us (Katharina) or contacting us via Whatsapp.

+41 77 414 60 66



You are also more than welcome to write us:

With the following information we can schedule you even faster:

New Dreadlocks
  • How long is your hair? (please use a rule to measure your hair from root to end.)
  • Do you have thick or thin hair?
  • Do you have a lot of hair or is your hair fine?
  • Do you have any special idea of how you would like your dreadlocks to look like?
  • How many dreadlocks do you need??
  • What’s up with your dreadlocks? (Who made them? How many times have they been crocheted yet?)
  • What kind of service are you looking for?
  • Is there anything else we should know? E.g. male baldness
Contact FAQ
  • You are more than welcome to bring other people with you
  • No, we don’t use plastic dreads or purchased hair for hair extensions.
  • House calls are an exception to the rule.
Call us for our Dreadlocks-Servie

It is always tricky to estimate the work amount for Dreadlocks. The best is, if you call us or if you send us a message. With a couple of pictures of your hair, we will be able to determine the price range a little bit more narrowly.