Sea water and sun are not friends of dreadlocks

Basically, diving is about the worst thing you can do to your dreadlocks. 😉 But it’s worth it at the expense of dreads to explore the underwater world.

What is there to consider when diving with dreadlocks?

It is important to wash your dreads well with fresh water every time after diving in the sea. Salt dries out your hair and this causes it to break quickly once it is old. Sun and wind contribute their further that I always lose a few dreads when I am often in the sea.

Not so bad! Hair grows back again.

Can I protect my dreadlocks?

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do. Since you are diving in the ocean, you should avoid all cosmetic products that pose a threat to the ecosystem anyway. I always use a little coconut oil before dipping. This helps against the drying of the hair.

Never travel without hair dryer

For me at least, an absolute no-go. I never go to bed with wet dreadlocks. In the tropics to get his dreads dry again is not so easy because the humidity is simply too high. That’s why I never travel without a hairdryer anymore. But buy a hair dryer that does not consume too much electricity. Otherwise, the power flies out. 😉

My dreadlocks are in the way when diving

Since my dreadlocks are over a meter long, I have a curtain in front of my eyes whenever I turn while diving. That’s why I always put my dreadlocks in the wetsuit. Is also a nice cushion for the bottle. My diving instructor gave me the tip at that time. I’ve been doing it that way ever since.

Diving Goggles VS Dreadlocks

The diving goggles are also not so the friend of dreadlocks. Small hairs are only too happy to get tangled in the glasses. The best thing to do before diving your approaches around the ears well through that nothing is loose.

Only Bubbles no troubles

So nothing stands in the way of your diving adventures. I wish you a lot of fun.

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