Don’t know where to buy your crochet hooks for dreadlocks?

Crochet hooks are not so easy to find.

You can buy crochet hooks for your dreadlocks care in our online store. “Crochet” but you can also find in a specialty store, sewing store or even in a Coop City. It’s best to buy a crochet hook with a plastic or wooden handle. The metal ones are more strenuous to hold and they bend faster.

Which crochet hook size is right?

We recommend that you use a 0.75 crochet hook for repairs. Thicker needles are not recommended, they will destroy your dreadlocks. For advanced or very hard dreadlocks is a 0.6er the “Crochet” of choice. Beginners should rather keep their hands off it 😉 Even if the number is not significantly smaller, it carries the greater risk of pricking your fingers.

0.75 Crochet hook for dreadlocks
For repairs, the 0.75 “Crochet” is the right one.

We sell crochet hooks for dreads.

In our store you can find the best crochet hooks for dreads. We have tested many crochet hooks ourselves and can say that these last the longest. Many crochet hooks are cheaply produced. These do not withstand the high loads and they break quickly. Ours is comfortable in the hand and the needle is very robust. It comes with a useful protective cap so you can conveniently carry it in a bag.

Feel free to stop by. You can order through Etsy or if you don’t have a credit card, feel free to email us. We ship the crochet hook with Swiss Post.

Pro tip: buy at least 2 crochet hooks

Crochet hooks are sort of like hair ties or the 2 socks in the washing machine. They are gone at once. Therefore, it does not hurt to buy one in reserve.

Airplane crochet hooks

Remember that many airlines will take your crochet hook away if you take it in your carry-on luggage. Finding crochet hooks in other countries can be even more of a challenge. Therefore, it is best to always take several with you. Is also always a good gift for other dreadheads you meet on the road.

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