Dreadlocks in the AfroShop or at the hairdresser make?

(London school for dreadlocks)

Dreadlocks at the afro store or the village coiffeur?

Better not!

Afro stores: The technique used there is suitable for African hair. But it is not suitable for other hair. Far too much wax is used. We’ve had clients with tangled strands of hair that had nothing to do with dreadlocks. Or that the dreadlocks were not dense enough, came undone and / or started to mat into funny shapes.

Worse are the hairdressers. These learn theoretically times in the training, how to make dreadlocks. With perm water, gel and comb, they’ll give you something that doesn’t deserve the name dreadlocks in the least.

Are you not happy with your dreadlocks?

Since the hairdressers themselves do not know how to make and maintain dreadlocks, they do not give you any tips along the way, but they dismiss you with a tousled “fuzz”. We have already heard of hairdressers who fly to London for a few days for a lot of money to do the “Dreadlocks Diploma” at a “School of Dreadlocks”. Nevertheless, having a “dreadlocks diploma” does not mean that you know how to make beautiful dreadlocks.

Do your dreadlocks with experts

We will fulfill your long-awaited wish for dreadlocks.

If you want to do dreadlocks, contact someone who really knows about dreadlocks and doesn’t just offer this in a range of products besides combing, washing and braiding.

Dreadlocks Artesanal
The dreadlocks experts team of Dreadlocks Artesanal. Since 2008 we have already dreaded dozens of kilometers of hair.

We, the team of experts at Dreadlocks Artesanal have been making dreadlocks since 2008. Contact us for an appointment or a no-blind consultation.

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