Beads and jewelry for dreadlocks

Is not so easy to find a beads and jewelry for dreadlocks with the right diameter. Either the jewelry is too big or too small. That’s why I started making my own jewelry a few years ago.

Can I put beads in after creating dreadlocks?

I am asked this question very often. But actually, it absolutely doesn’t matter when. You can (and should) put your beads out and in however you want. It is important that the diameter of the beads has the right size for your dreadlocks.

How do I find out which is the right size?

Well, when in doubt, just try them on. Once you have a bead that fits properly you can measure it. If you have not yet found a suitable pearl, I will be happy to advise you.

Where can I find beads and jewelry for my dreadlocks?

I found many beautiful pearls at big markets and festivals in different countries. Etsy is an online platform for artists who want to sell their crafts all over the world. Have a look in my store. You may find the perfect bead for your dreads.

What should I look for when buying?

The bead should be too tight rather than too loose. Otherwise you run the risk of losing them. When choosing the material, make sure that metal does not rust or lose color. If you want a natural bead made of wood you should avoid cheap compressed wood and buy one from one piece. The better tolerate the different temperature and humidity. The cheap ones jump easily. If you are looking for feather jewelry please look for the “cruelty free” label. This promises to keep the animals in dignified conditions and wait until the feathers fall out on their own and not pluck the feathers.

If you want to wear your jewelry for a long time, you should take out the beads before washing.

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