What do I need to pay attention to?

Can dreadlocks mold in the rainforest?

Hairs are protein structures. And proteins are delicious! Not only humans find this, but also fungi and bacteria. If you’ve ever really been in the rainforest, you’ll know that pretty much everything starts to mold there: the belt, the backpack, and even the toothbrush. This is due to the high humidity and heat.

Dreadlocks Artesanal
High humidity and the heat as in the rainforest are not beneficial for dreadkocks.

I used to think that I’d probably have to cut off my dreadlocks if I was ever allowed to be in the rainforest for any length of time, as they would surely start to mold. At the beginning of 2012 I had to face the challenge: To the rainy season in the rainforest!

What is important?

Dreadlocks must not be wet! This was not an easy challenge! Especially during the rainy season, when the humidity can be around 90% and more and on a single day sometimes 10% of the rain falls, which comes down in Zurich in a whole year. Therefore, I had to come up with good strategies.


  • Dreadlocks are washed only when the sun shines! Otherwise, these would not dry in the tropical humidity for days! That would not be good!
  • Always have an (impregnated) cap on in the forest. This keeps the humidity away from the hair, protects against the drops that fall from the treetops and gives a few minutes of protection when it really starts to rain. In case of heavy rain, put on a (good) poncho as soon as possible. Then nothing can happen.
  • The cap also helped me so I didn’t overheat, as it kept the back of my neck clear.
  • To sleep, open the dreadlocks and always dry them at the base with a small towel.

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