And Is Dreadlocks Artesanal still to blame?

Yes dreadlocks have become trend and thus fashion. Check out Marc’s video on this exciting topic.

Let’s start with the question, where do dreadlocks come from?

There are people who say that it was the Rastafarians who started it with the dreadlocks. Other voices think, no, the sadhus from India started with dreadlocks.

I say long hair tangles! Whether in humans, dogs, sheep or mammoths.

Hair is a spiral protein structure.

There are different groups of customers at Dreadlocks-Artesanal. Some say: “That hair becomes dreadlocks is quite normal and natural. Because long hair wants to be dreadlocks and a comb is actually an anti-dreadlocks measure.

Or there are people who say, “oh I have to comb my hair so often or I’ll get knobs”, actually mean “my hair would like to be dreadlocks”.

Have dreadlocks become fashionable?

There are the “goans” who listen to PsyTrance, the people who listen to reggae. We have also had “trappers” (mostly with top head dreads) for a few years now. Often people want to belong to a group, they want to express something. That’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with that.

If someone wants dreadlocks, we make that person dreadlocks. I always say that if someone is not made for dreadlocks, then that person will soon cut them off anyway.

It’s not up to me or you to judge who should wear dreadlocks.

Dreadlocks is a hairstyle. You have to do something for it. You can’t just go to the barber and you have dreadlocks. It’s a process.

For certain people dreadlocks have something to do with religion, for others not. I invite everyone to be open. No matter what religion, what ethnicity, what belief system, what music, at the end of the day, dreadlocks are hair. And long hair tangles.

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