Whether you want new dreadlocks, root care or repair, your dreadlocks are in good and experienced hands at Dredlocks-Artesanal

New Dreads

We crochet wonderful dreadlocks for you so that they will have a great start into a long life. It would be our pleasure to ennoble your hair.

Since 2008 we have been allowed to mat all different kinds of hair and during this time we gained a lot of experience. Our method can be applied to all hair types. We only use crochet hooks for our technique, no wax or gel, but therefore a lot of love. We are fast and work efficiently.

However, it is important that you are aware that it is a long way to beautiful dreadlocks. Therefore, you should not expect your hair to be perfect after visiting us. What we create is called “baby dreads”, which turn into “grown up dreadlocks” within the following two years. But you should not forget that your dreads will still need attention and love to keep growing healthily and strong. Neglecting your dreads for too long, will allow them to run wild. This will make it more time consuming to repair certain parts later on or it may be even too late for repair.

Because of this we offer you a little introduction into the world of matted hair strands so that you will exactly know how to care for your dreads afterwards and how to work on them. You can count on us anytime; in case you have problems with or questions about your dreadlocks. We will also give you a crochet hook to take along so there will be no excuses as to why you didn’t re-crochet your hair.

Please be aware that we will need several hours for your whole head.

You may want to bring something to keep you busy and to entertain yourself while we create your new dreadlocks.

We are repeatedly asked if we also offer dreadlocks extensions.

If you bring dreadlocks of a friend or your own dreadlocks with you, we gladly extend your new dreadlocks. We do not use fake-dreadlocks (synthetic dreadlocks) or real hair extensions. Because we only work with natural and not with purchased hair. We are of the opinion that there is mainly one thing you will need for beautiful dreadlocks – patience. Till will mat. Long dreadlocks are so beautiful because they are a certificate of time.

Repair and care

From easy repairs to time consuming restorations – we are here to help you!

We deftly crochet loose hair back into the dreads and make your roots compact again. In case the birth of your dreadlocks wasn’t such a proper event because you e.g. went to a self-appointed expert or to an Afro-Shop, we will turn every scrubby “bird nest” into a dignified mane.

During the repair we will give you some advice how you can increase your crochet technique at home, so that you will be able to re-crochet your hair on your own. We appreciate every loyal customer who decided to return.

We can also provide you with tips and advice regarding dreadlocks and their proper care.

Styles / Accessories

Do you need some ideas for new dready hairstyles? Are you looking for homemade jewelry to emphasize your dreadlocks even better?

Our shop offers homemade jewelry by Dreadlocks-Artesanal. In case you have your own opinion how dreadlocks jewelry should look like, your ideas will become our next mission.